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 The Unchained Few was founded after the success of the first Mitchell Ride fundraiser in 2011.  We were so overwhelmed by the support of our fellow riders and local businesses that we decided to create an organization to make this ride an annual event.
    Unchained Few hosts our annual ride named, "The Mitchell Ride for Children".  With help from our families, recipients families, friends, local businesses and club members, we raise funds, collect raffle items, silent auction items and spread the word of our ride.  All members of  the Unchained Few are expected and are eager to help with the planning, organizing, running and breakdown of our fundraising events.
    Money raised from our annual event is broken down so that we may support our chosen recipient and several charities throughout the year. 
    With continued support from our growing family and our local community, we will build a strong team to assist us in our future fundraising efforts.

Come join us for the Third Annual Mitchell Ride.
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Mason Reading
First Annual Mitchell Ride
The Chanaud Family
Trish and Ashley Bailey
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